Say goodbye to the stereotypes

Jim Piccolo has changed the face of the income generation technique. Many already know and soon everyone will.

Jim Piccolo is a serial entrepreneur who has always been in news for his remarkable abilities to turn stones into sculptures. He has given new meaning to the American economy and feels that the same can be applied around the world for future development.

He has been known to try innovative and fresh ideas and converting every obstacle into success which is a true characteristic of a fighter.

He candidly talks about the martial art that has trained him to become focused and disciplined. He has also trained united states military about the ways martial art can be utilized in various ways, either war or self-restraint.

Jim Piccolo talks about the oppositions

I have heard many famous and intellectual personalities sharing their knowledge and expertise in their field of interest. But, Jim Piccolo is different, he is not governed by his stubborn thought but has always given opportunities to the fresh ideas and solution.

Jim Piccolo says, “You are your own opponent and victory against yourself is the real fun.”

He deems that if someone impresses themselves, they stop growing and their learning ends. So never be impressed. There is always a better way for a given problem and an entrepreneur never stops trying for an improved solution.

He says, “It’s not always your competitor who stands against you but your fear of loss is even more dangerous.”

Learning through mistakes

“Never give up”, you can find a plaque with this quote in Jim’s office. He says that it motivates him with his daily ups and down. In his speeches, he has addressed about his attitude of fighting till the end which has helped him win over his insecurities.

He has worked to empower the nation’s economy and feels that sharing knowledge to others will help strengthen the same. As per his philosophy, making mistake is never a problem but not learning from mistakes is.

He has made mistakes and has faced the consequences but has never looked back and has made sure to overcome all the hurdle with his focused mind. He has proved that nothing is impossible if the determination is strong.

Jim Piccolo’s fight against stereotypes

Every time Jim brings a concept, he amazes everyone. The challenges that new opportunities entails have never demoralized him because he knows that he has the fortitude to try until he finds the solution.

Failure is never an option and that is why he has maintained a charisma to impress people who follow him. He says that if we will not try something new, how will be progress? If fear of failure will hold us back, we will never be able to build our next generation.

“Like our ancestors did for us and gave us a better place to live, we need to do the same for our coming generation”, Jim Piccolo quotes.

He adds, “I do not think about my necessities, I think about the youth’s necessities and prepare for the coming years. It helps me to be a step ahead of my competitors.”

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