Jim Piccolo, an optimist and a true leader has brought many challenges to its end and has succeeded in preparing his empire through commitment and hard work.

He emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship and encourages others to follow their passion even if that means countless hurdles and disappointments.

In his 25 years of career he has become a part of forty businesses and has managed to share his contribution in every domain with responsibility and care.

There are very few successful people around the globe who feels that with wealth, responsibility comes and Jim Piccolo is one among those who has this understanding of the income flow which comprises of not only the materialistic comfort but humanitarian goals.

His tight schedule has never made him reconsider the time that he always manages to spare for helping others.

Jim Piccolo is a living evidence to an optimist who strongly projects resilience, service to unprivileged, personal obligation, and confidence in humanity.


The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation

He started a charitable foundation in the year 2007 with the name of The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation, named after his late father who passed away in 1987 after a distressing but fleeting fight with cancer.

With his aim to empower children’s future, he started this foundation and since then is in support of many children’s charities, including Starlight Foundation™, Help4Kidz, The Rock, and Judi’s House.

He also focuses on bringing more and more volunteers on-board and on promoting volunteerism among youths and families. His institutes lay the comprehensive list of opportunity for students to be a part of this cause.

He has been recognized among many national magazines and social networks who have constantly talked about his endeavours and his poise and the way he believes in treating people fairly.

This is not just a philosophy to turn heads but his working in that direction closely showcase his motivations.

Starlight, one of the foundations that works for children where Jim Piccolo has been a permanent participant, recognized the efforts and willingness to join the cause and honoured Jim Piccolo at the Starlight’s annual “Sparkling Starry Soiree“, with initiating an award named after him – the “Jim Piccolo Humanitarian Award“!

This award is one of the highest honours presented by Starlight and aims at paying tribute to those individuals who have lived the dream of “enhancing the lives” of extremely ill children and their families through their support and benevolent efforts.

Jim Piccolo as always didn’t miss the chance to thank Starlight for this big step and said, “”I’m humbled to have received such prestigious recognition, but I would like to accept this award on behalf of all the Starlight families who are facing catastrophic challenges, for they are the first ones to ‘gift’ a smile and words of encouragement, and always selflessly offer a helping hand to others.

I am inspired by their humanity.” However, he would be happier to find another person who deserves the award and would like to honour him with this award himself.

Jim Piccolo As a Volunteer

Starlight confirms that having Jim Piccolo as their pillar has made them realize many aims and have also helped them through continuous addition of new volunteers.

He feels that it’s easy to break relations but takes a lot of courage and devotion to build one and hence works towards the same with enthusiasm and fervour.

His same defiance has made him popular and trustworthy in the eyes of many others and he continues to leave his marks on others.

Jim Piccolo’s Dedication

His unmatched qualities with his dedication to foster the goals of others for becoming the strength for others have made him one of the well-established philanthropist and have given the world another leader whom youths can follow and excel.

Jim Piccolo is an example, the more we get to know about him the more curiosity will linger to know even further and that is the personality he created in his twenty-five years of career which is truly remarkable.

His foundation strives to make maximum difference in the life of people who are struggling with life-threatening illnesses which include extreme emergency hospitalizations, mounting medical bills, throbbing treatments, orphaned children, and many more other causes that can have serious effect on physical or mental status.

The gift that he has for other is not only monetary, but psychological as well.

He maintains a charisma and the attitude that encourages others to think positive and be grateful for whatever they have and at the same time to keep their strength intact in case of any unwanted situations as every time pass, either good or bad.

His motivational sessions have made many to regain their life and assisted them to come back to the right track.

Jim Piccolo is not limited to following the already settled paths but believes in creating it for himself and making others believe in that which is not a piece of cake.

It takes real work and keenness which if combined with docility create history.