Jim Piccolo is much more than just an entrepreneur and hence is always looking forward to create a difference through his new opportunities and decision. Since he completed his graduation, he has created various benchmarks and has acquired many businesses where he is responsible for making important decisions and holds ownership interests.

The Mortgage Store USA, Piccolo International University, Real Estate Investment College, Nouveau Riche are a few to name have already proved its worth and now he has introduced “Tecademics” which gives you the options not only to learn about various modules of your choice but will also make you qualified enough to start a living on your own terms.


Do you want to start your own business but sceptical about the challenges it entails? Are you still struggling to make a mark in your current domain? Want to study but would like to have your own time frame? Like to learn about internet marketing and Entrepreneurship and many more other domains which these relate?

Jim Piccolo, a serial entrepreneur who has proved himself every time is back again with answers to all your above question and many others. Already associated with different businesses, he has the fervour to get the best out of everything and learning has always been his key to be able to do so and hence his research to find the best way in retaining the knowledge for lifetime and keep enhancing the same is put forward to you through Tecadmecis.

Jim Piccolo has suggested three ways of learning through Tecademics which are Online, Live and Interactive.

If you want no constraint of schedule and place for studying and the freedom to choose both as per your convenience, online learning is your best suit. This course will help you understand internet marketing and entrepreneurship closely which you can learn while relaxing in your couch with a coffee mug in hand or sitting in your study table.

His IMPACT series by internet marketer Chris Record recorded in front of live audience is highly appreciated. I am sure you must be aware of the possibilities of earning online at your ease but would think twice before trying it.

Jim Piccolo has opened doors for all the answers that you have been looking forward to for starting all on your own. He has excelled in the field and know the various nuances and therefore you will be benefitted in all terms.

If you wish to listen to experts on your favourite topic in person. Yes, this is possible as he has taken care of it by seminars and live meetings with experts in your field who share the same passion as yours, the only difference being their expertise in that field and finally the interactive version which is designed to suit likeminded people who want to do something together, as PARTERNS.

This program is for the very keen minds and can be accessed by submitting the application and after accomplishing the personal interview which will ensure that the partners are selected well and at the same time will eliminate all the possibilities of inventing time with causals seekers.

This was a brief introduction about the ways he wants to transform the education system by analysing one’s passion and channelizing student’s entire energy in that same direction.

There is an interesting fact that very few are aware of which has given Jim Piccolo his courage to fight till the end and his discipline which he shows in his every endeavour.

The art of Martial fighting, which is one of the pillars in building his personality of a solider and helped him in succeeding in every field he puts his energy in.

He has mentioned once in his comments that Business is combat. You keep fighting until you get the desired results and hence his focused behaviour is also the reason of his high thinking.

Jim Piccolo’s leadership experience emulsified with martial arts extends beyond his personal learning and hence he dedicated his time training martial arts to elite military groups such as Black Ops, Special Forces, and Green Berets for refining their focus and rigorous combat.

Jim Piccolo takes it as the greatest contribution to the country he resides in and doesn’t fail to recognize the learning that he gained from the undisputed personalities of these soldiers which clearly shows his generosity and docility.

Piccolo believes in giving back to the society through charity and hence never misses any chance to be at service. Celebrity Fight Night, a non-profit organization founded in 1994 by Jimmy Walker is one of his most trusted institutes for endorsement.

He even started the Ali Care program with his peers to help those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and do not have any insurance or money for paying to the doctors. He is always ready to help underprivileged and who are in real need for help.

Jim Piccolo is a great visionary and his ability to flourish deserted ends has made him favourite to his close ones as well as to his competitors. He plays fair, either it’s a competition or a battle, he knows the right moves and hence his working place is considered one of the coolest place to work by one of the magazines names Biz AZ Magazine.

It is not a coincidence that we find so many qualities in one person as real heroes do exist and the example is right here for you. Jim Piccolo is a man with focused goal and he has dedicated his entire life to achieve them without any fear to of failure as success is a step ahead of it which makes him keep going without giving up.

Jim Piccolo has an eye of the Hawk and hence nothing can go unwitnessed and creating wealth by finding new and better opportunities has become his habit which will surely follow him in future as well. By setting examples, he has convinced his peers as well to follow a disciplined route for success and growth which he keeps on enhancing continuously.