Chris Record is not just an entrepreneur, but someone who has tried to pass on whatever he has gained through his experience to others. He has never been shy in talking about his mistakes and always finds it overwhelming to underline the reason for failure every next time.

Chris RecordChris Record

Chris has learned to value his failures as much as his success because he believes that failure has always been the fuel for bigger success.

Before Chris found the right mantra of success, he went through lots of rough patch which made him believe that there is always something better kept on the other side.

People who choose to go on are the one who make the difference.

Chris Record, with a normal background and lack of expertise in online marketing, found it daunting to choose the right direction when there were many options.

He tried some of them and failed. Hence, when he became successful and understood the mantra, he made sure to educate others. His videos on YouTube lucidly defines the way one can become successful.

His training videos are amazing and many have pushed their career graph up with the help of these videos.

Chris Record thinks,

“True success is just a step ahead. You only need to know the right time and direction to move your step. This is what it takes to change your life around.”

This clearly seems unrealistic. However, this is correct. It took one opportunity to change Chris’s life and you will find this story to be true with all big shot people.

When nothing works out, there is one thing that clicks and Chris Record helps people in finding out that ‘one click’ through his training.

Know what your potential is

If you are not getting what you are looking for, then you are not using your true potential. There is always more that you can do. If you realize your potential to the fullest, you can accomplish everything.

Chris Record shares his story by telling the chat with a friend that changed his whole perception.

When Chris was losing hope, and thought that online marketing was not his thing, he spoke to a friend who told him that he was not using all that he has.

Since then, Chris Record knew that if things were not working as per his plan, he must not be working as per the plan. “If others can do it, why cannot I”, this belief made him do what he was not able to before.

Usually, people do not utilize all their potential and most of the time, they are not even aware of it. The challenges give us the opportunity to realize what we can achieve. So, always try to find that opportunity.

Know when to stop and start over again

Have you ever thought that two people doing same work, achieve different result? Chris Record believes that the right effort if put in wrong direction can make all our hard work go in vain.

Today, information is everywhere and people are constantly working hard to achieve their dream. However, there are few who can utilize that information to achieve something big, others fail and give up.

So, you should know when to stop trying your old methods and to start the new ones. Isn’t it insane to do the same work every day and expect a different result? It is. If you want a different result, you need to change the direction in which you are applying your effort.

When you fail every time with the same method, you need to change your marketing plan completely as it will keep you getting the same result. You need to find another way.

When you start finding new ways, you tend to shift closer to your result. The more you will focus on income producing activities, the more it will benefit you in longer run.

What are the income producing activities?

Chris Record explains the income producing activities through his own experience. According to Chris, there are three C’s that can help target the income producing activities.

First of all, ‘Create Traffic’. When you start your sales, you need to know the right audience to pitch your sales.

For example, if you are trying to sell a laptop to a customer who barely knows how to use it, what do you think you will end up with. You will not only lose your sale but that customer as well.

No one likes to waste time. You need to know the interest of your customer whom you are approaching to make sales.

After you have discovered the traffic, you need to find the interested customer whom you can call leads. So, ‘Capture Lead’. Not all the customers who can use laptop, would be interested in buying one. So, extract the right list and make your traffic narrow.

Lastly, ‘Convert Sales’. This is the most important part. If you have everything in place and you cannot ask your customer for the money, you will lose it.

Remember, there is no machine to print money. The salary you get or the money you spent, goes in circulation and it comes back to you. Do not be scared of selling because that is what gives you your income.

If you follow all these income producing activities, you would never fail to get your sales to the next level.

Chris Record as a mentor

Chris Record is a great man who not only thinks about his success but keeps educating others to help them reach their goals.

Chris has experienced the extremes of both the lives, when he was nothing and when he became successful. During each phase, he kept himself calm and never gave up.

Chris Record knows the trauma that one goes through while trying to get success. That is the reason, he has built several programs that can be the life jacket in the middle of the sea for these aspirants.

Tecademics is one such initiation that trains its students about online marketing.

Chris Record explaining the three C’s for success

Chris Record after making millions through sales, came up with the three C’s that form the backbone for success in online sales.He is a successful and self-motivated entrepreneur who has made great achievements with his uncanny wisdom and acumen.

Chris has always made things simpler by presenting it in a nutshell. When things seem difficult and impossible, Chris Record’s inspirational videos on YouTube can be a life savior.

Chris Record likes to share his experience and knowledge that have made him famous.When Chris found the gist of entire sales cycle he couldn’t help himself but to share it with others.

Chris Record put his entire career’s experience into this mantra that talks about the important stages of sales.

The decisions that can make as well as break one’s final deal. Chris Record has made millions through affiliate program and you must know that his sales strategies were not always working.

He also had to struggle before finding the right method of reaching results.Here are the three C’s that will help you get all the success that you desire.

Create Traffic

Do you know that lot of people fail to locate their target? It is very true. Have you seen two people who are given training from the same company for the same product.

But, one can get client on board and the other cannot. Where the difference lies? If they both have the same knowledge, then what makes their approach so different?

Chris Record feels that the biggest blunder that people make while attempting sales is the people they approach. It is as easy as it sounds.

Have you seen a person interested in buying a television will opt for a refrigerator? Why would he, when he knows what he wants. Similarly, for making sure that the efforts we put, goes in the right direction, we need to find that direction.

Hence, creating traffic is the most critical phase while making sales. This can be done through emails, calls and social networking sites. Facebook plays an important role in making it possible.

We find people talking about their likes and dislikes. We can generate traffic through these social networking sites which can further help us in making our sales a success.

Chris Record program talks about the ways you can create traffic through Facebook and other medias. Creating traffic is an ongoing process. If you will keep on adding people to your network, you will be able make more sales.

Chris Record further adds that the scalable traffic is what you need and emails can be your bread and butter. Email list is the fastest way to reach millions and creating your own traffic which is scalable, can bring you lots of money in a day.

You need to funnel all the resources from various platforms into your email database. Once you have set up a vast list, keep updating it. Never leave any interested buyer go unvisited.

The most important lesson that Chris Record gives,

“You do not need to depend on others to provide you with the traffic database. This is the reason for most of the marketers being turn down. No one can understand your product more than you. So, how can they sell you the right traffic.”

When you fail to convert your traffic to leads, you feel you are not good enough. But, the reality is, you started with a wrong list. So, take ownership for creating your traffic. You can find them everywhere. Facebook, YouTube, Membership sites, Google and many other places.

Capturing Leads

Chris Record then moves to the next step, explaining the importance of capturing leads. Many people cannot find much difference between traffic and lead. However, they are not at all similar.

You can consider traffic as a general database but leads are specific ones.

All, who are interested in your product or services, would not be buying it. One among 10 would revert to your sales pitch with a question. They will become your active lead.

The real game changer begins once you start finding leads among your traffic. This is when you know whom to tag as leads. So, make sure you focus on those who are already interested as they are already looking for options and you have got competition. Later, you can work on other leads to generate sales.

Convert Sales

Your goal does not end before you get your payment. If you feel that getting a client interested in your product is the benchmark, then check your statistics again.

Even if he buys and promises to pay later, your sales cycle is incomplete. People tend to stop at this stage when they are just one step behind success because they shy and could not ask for money. You need to make him pay if you wish your sale to be successful.

You need to understand that the money circulation is what gets you money. You have to show your clients the reason why they should pay you.

To become financially independent, this step is most crucial and entails not only sales tactics but emotional hijacks.

Online selling even gives you the freedom to go beyond your reach and increase your horizon. People buying your product online will be paying you in the same fashion.

Through online sales, your zone will not be restricted anymore. You can have more traffic, more leads and more sales. In order to earn more, you need to sell more. So, online selling is the most appropriate option. This can help you grow faster.

You can have more choices and freedom to spend your money. Hence, selling is the only choice for you, if you wish to succeed.

After, you have expertise the skill of selling online, you will not only have massive wealth, but you can join the top-notch players who are game changers when it comes to shifting the market interest.

Chris Record has shared all these tactics through his online program.So, if you wish to learn from the master himself, join his courses and rule your business.